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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring   -   Ringenes Herre: Ringens brorskap
This page will not be updated any more, but will remain unchanged for historical purposes.

Another LotR-fanpage?

Yes. And why should I bother the world and clogger up the internet with one out of a thousand other pages like this? Well, I have this feeble hope that this LotR-site might be just a little bit different from the rest you'll find. Why is that so?

First of all: Only here will you find my own personal reviews of the films, the movie scores and other related stuff.

Second: I do not intend to guide you into the universe of Tolkien and Middle Earth. I will not introduce you to the stories, I will not present any characters or the actors portraying them in the films. Other sites do that for you, much better than I can ever do. I have no lunatic plans to create TOBSFIATTMOWSY (The One Bottomless Source For Information About Tolkien, The Movies Or What Say You).

This site was created because I've read (and still read) a lot about the movies on the internet, and I've saved a lot of links to some of the better articles. So I thought: Maybe one lost soul out there in the cold could make use of this selection? And as I am by nature a helpful Norwegian, I made this site. If you like it: Great :-) Please let me know! If you hate it: Click here to go somewhere else (you could, of course let me know before you leave).

Enough skitprat - dive in! Please enjoy!


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